Since our founding in 1978, our work has been grounded in respect for structure, materials and their expression, allowing us to achieve clarity and free-flowing movement through space that brings an intrinsic connection to nature to the fore, merging indoor and outdoor into a singular, holistic experience.

Because of the structure of our business, we serve as the owner, the architect, the developer and the general contractor, providing unique degrees of freedom that allow us to work from a shared vision.

Optima’s growth trajectory continues under the second-generation leadership of Tara Hovey and David Hovey Jr. as they partner with founders David and Eileen Hovey. Tara and David Jr.’s succession is planned and purposeful as they set the course for Optima’s senior leadership team to take on new challenges; to advance how technology enhances design, development and construction; and to continue boldy elevating what we deliver.

Ownership Team

Tara Hovey

President and Chief Operating Officer

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David Hovey Jr.

President and Principal Architect

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David Hovey Sr.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Eileen Hovey

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Optima Real Estate Inc. and Optima Realty Inc.

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Maintenance Supervisor

Glencoe, IL

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