Since our founding in 1978, our work has been grounded in respect for structure, materials and their expression, allowing us to achieve clarity and free-flowing movement through space that brings an intrinsic connection to nature to the fore, merging indoor and outdoor into a singular, holistic experience.

Because of the structure of our business, we serve as the owner, the architect, the developer and the general contractor, providing unique degrees of freedom that allow us to work from a shared vision.

As part of our commitment to lasting design, all of our projects are crafted with rigor + invention, insight + connectivity and discovery at the helm. These promises have positioned Optima as the nationally- and internationally-recognized recipient of over 50 prestigious awards, distinguishing us at the forefront of development and design.


BUILD Magazine

Architecture Awards – Luxury Urban Housing Designer of the Year

September 28, 2018


Tribute Award – Developers Award for Best Community Design

May 11, 2018

7160 Optima Kierland

Arizona Foothills Magazine

Best Places to Live

February 1, 2018

7120 Optima Kierland



Best Large Urban Community

December 1, 2017

7120 Optima Kierland

BUILD Magazine

Architecture Awards – Best Luxury High-Rise Architecture Firm USA

October 3, 2017

BUILD Magazine

Architecture Awards – Luxury Residential Complex Design of the Year

October 3, 2017

7120 Optima Kierland

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Maintenance Supervisor

Glencoe, IL

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